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Abby Normil enjoys seeking out abnormal finds and sharing her discoveries with others who share her curious nature. Come see what she has to share!
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Continuous Creativity: The Slit-Mouthed Woman (Kuchisake-Onna)

  According to Japanese legend when Kuchisake-onna (the Slit-Mouthed Woman) asks you a question, you better give her the right answer or you may suffer a terrible fate. She's one of the most frightening and well-known legends. She is said to brandish large scissors and seek out those who are passing her by. The stories throughout the years detail her horrific appearance- with a jagged and bloody scar resembling a smile. She covers her mouth with a surgical mask at times. She was disfigured and murdered by a jealous husband, she is now a malicious spirit returned from the dead who can appear anywhere at any time. She always asks her prey one question: “Am I pretty?” You better give her the answer she wants to hear or outwit her and hope to escape her wrath. The materials you will need: Acrylic paints: white, cream, blood red, dark brown, black. Exacto Knife (X-ACTO/Rite Cut Knife) Pencil Long black-haired wig Paint brushes Pins or Hot Glue Gun (optiona

Continuous Creativity: Consumed By Black Blood

A simple and entertaining piece for Halloween!  The materials you will need: Acrylic paint: Glossy black and white Washable School Glue Paint brushes Styrofoam head Exacto Knife (X-ACTO/Rite-Cut Knife) Some water Take your Styrofoam head and carve veins throughout the head as desired. It is best to cut throughout the neck and towards the face. Paint the head with a base coat of white.   Once it is dry, pour some water to dilute the black paint and mix. Lightly paint the diluted black paint throughout the carved areas. This will make the veins look light. Dispose of the diluted paint.    Take the new black paint (no water) and paint in the eyes completely.  Mix black paint with the school glue to give it a 3D look. Paint the 3D paint down the cheeks from the eyes to make it look like tears flowing. We want it to look as though the black blood is escaping through her eyes to find it’s next victim to possess. Al

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"Life Saving" Activities for Keeping Children Occupied (Cold Season Edition)

All of us who deal with children on a daily basis know the feeling-you need to get them distracted and fast. Sometimes you need to just get them busy and find a way to escape for a bit! Here are some excellent ideas that will do the trick (especially for indoor activities- due to the cold season).   Print out coloring sheets are fantastically easy time consumers. You can simply go online, do a search of any favorite character or show, and print. Give them some coloring supplies and away they go! Puzzles are excellent tools for focus and goal setting. Puzzles can be therapeutic for adults as well. They are a great way to relax, complete a project, and spend some time focusing on something besides every day stressors. Children love them and they can definitely keep them busy! Play Doh is a creative tool that allows kids to create anything their little hands can create. Play doh can keep them busy for a very long time and create great entertainment! Bringing o

Interview with a Gothic Industrial Artist

When Goth is mentioned, usually the image of a teen or young adult comes to mind-coated in black clothing and miserable with life or bored with the antics of those around them. Either burying their heads deep in a book or behind a blank canvas-hoping to dive into another realty or making one of their own.  The Gothic culture is one that is largely misunderstood throughout our society. Gothic art usually focuses on pieces of art that contains images such as: shadows, storms, heavy emotional images, skulls or skeletons, moonlight, creepy trees, spider webs, vampires, night time, Gothic architecture, crows or ravens, and roses. It is like a blend of Halloween, mystical, and Victorian art. Elizabeth is an artist who lives and breathes the Gothic culture. She specializes in Gothic fashion, modeling, as well as creating Gothic style accessories and paintings. I took a moment to sit down with her in hope to bring understanding of the lifestyle and the art form. What i